Schedule! Sunday 11th – Friday 16th 2011

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DisOrientation Week Schedule! 

*check back regularly for the most up to date info*

Radical Tour of Downtown

Sunday 3pm, meet at the Farmer’s Market Downtown

During this tour we will learn about some historical events of resistance and colonization in the downtown, learn about some of the current struggles of the people living in the downtown area and examine what people are creating in response to poverty, gentrification and the need for community. The tour will go through the downtown and some of the Ward. It will be wheelchair accessible. Rain or Shine!

Medicinal Herbs for Your Menstrual Cycle

Monday 5pm in GRCGED (UC 107)

This workshop will examine different herbs for your menstrual cycle. We will take an in depth look at therapeutic properties that affect the reproductive system (uterines, emmenagogues, nervines, etc..) From there, we will identify which properties are recommended for different chronic and acute ailments such as cramping, delayed periods, short cycles, excessive bleeding, etc.. Hand-outs will be given on some very safe herbs to use.

This workshop is open to people with vaginas (trans + cis gendered)

Letter Writing to Political Prisoners

Monday 7:30pm in GRCGED (UC 107)

We supply the pens, paper, stamps, and addresses. First time writing to a prisoner? We have resources and folks on hand that can answer your questions. Present by Guelph ABC.

Alternative Media in Guelph

Tuesday 3:30pm in the CSA boardroom

Do you have a story to tell? A story that the mainstream doesn’t want to hear? Well, forget them. The airwaves belong to us all. Let’s drown them out and make our voices heard!

Learn from people just like you, who are discovering the many cheap, democratic ways to broadcast our stories. From zines and blogs, to community radio and video art. We’ll focus on the people and places in Guelph that will help your voice be heard.

Facilitated by the CFRU News Team

Occupy Your Education Activist Panel 

Tuesday 5:30pm in UC 442

Think University’s all about classes? Thanks to the work of students, in 2007 most coffee sold on campus went fair trade. In 1997, students occupied the administration office along with 8 other Universities in protest of rising tuition fees. This activism is part of a long tradition, as far back as 1913 when students created the Campus Co-op. So how are you going to make your mark? Come out to this panel discussion and hear from some awesome present-day activists. How did they get involved? What did they accomplish? What did they learn? And how can you take over?

Come join us, engage, and disorient yourself by learning from activists who went to the University of Guelph! This panel will feature – Lisa Russell, who is a Guelph based activist who works with Guelph anti-poverty group Sense of Security, Eduardo Huesca, a Migrant Right’s activist who will speak about past student solidarity work with Migrant Workers, and Tom Keefer, who will speak about radical student activism and the corporatization of campus.

Activist Soiree

Tuesday 7pm, after the activist panel in UC 343

Come out to UC room 343 for free food and a meet and greet after the Activist Panel Discussion. Meet some local activists, ask questions, sign up to volunteer, find out about events and meet other students and campus community members who are interested in social justice! This is Guelph Queer Equality’s first weekly social of the semester; all are welcome regardless of attendance at the Activist Panel!

Alternative Poster Sale and Resource Fair

Wednesday 10-4 in Branion Plaza (by the cannon)

Come check out a great selection of posters at the Alternative Poster Sale and become acquainted with a selection of awesome organizations on this campus that work for social and environmental justice – all of which are looking for YOU to become engaged! The posters are at affordable prices – some are free – so you can decorate your walls with great artwork and good messages . Posters will have a human rights and social justice focus, unlike anything you can buy elsewhere on campus.

Revolution, Uprisings and Imperialist War

Wednesday 5:30pm in UC 441

What is behind the major events this year across the Middle East and North Africa, and how does it relate to the struggle of students in Canada? Mass revolutionary people’s uprisings over the past months have inspired the world and overturned US-backed dictatorial regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, with youth and students playing a dynamic and militant role.  But now the Harper Conservative government is spending millions of dollars bombing Libya, while claiming their is not enough money for social and environmental programs, or to reduce tuition fees. Come hear Miguel Figueroa, a long-time writer, activist and leader of the Communist Party of Canada. Miguel has spoken across Canada and internationally on topics of war and peace, globalization, militarism and the struggles of working people. He will deconstruct the situation and open a discussion about the way forward. Do youth have a right to live in a world at peace?

Contact, or meet GYCL members at the event if you are interested in getting involved! Co-sponsored by the Young Communist League (Guelph) and the Charter of Youth Rights campaign.

Screening of The War on Democracy

Wednesday 7pm in UC 441

Pilger’s film explores the past and current relationship between the United States and Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. Through interviews and archive footage, a series of interventions (overt and covert) lead by the U.S. which severely impacted (and continue to impact) Latin American policies, politics and culture are examined. Pilger also focuses on how people have managed to rise up and take control of their countries! Please join us after Miguel Figueroa’s lecture to continue a night of engaging entertainment!

Screening of The Garden 

Thursday 5:30pm in Mackinnon 306

From the ashes of the Los Angeles riots arose a lush, 14-acre community garden, the largest of its kind in the United States. Now bulldozers threaten its future. Come watch ‘The Garden’ with the CSA Foodbank, a student funded and run service that provides graduate and undergraduate University of Guelph students access to emergency food, anti-poverty resources, and referrals to other food security, anti-poverty and financial assistance groups.

Progressive Professor Panel

Thursday 7pm in UC 441

This is your chance to meet some of the progressive professors at the University of Guelph! Come hear about the work they are doing and how you can remain  (or become!) progressive in the world of academia. The panel will feature Professor Wendling from the Department of Philosophy, Professor Kowalchuk from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Greg Shupak, an instructor in the School of English and Theatre Studies as well as Janice Folk-Dawson from CUPE 1334 who will provide an introduction to some of the labour issues on campus. Listen, engage and learn!

Getting Started With Activist Research

Friday 1pm, (Mackinnon Room 228)

So you’re passionate about making social change. You want to explore an issue, understand it, and communicate your ideas — maybe through an article for the Peak, a paper for class, or a pamphlet for a campaign. Or maybe you just want to make an informed comment on a blog or follow up on a late night debate with your roommate. How do you channel that passion into the development of informed understandings? How and where do you find the information you need to support your ideas? Join Dave Hudson, a University of Guelph librarian, for a workshop on how to get started with activist research. We’ll focus specifically on preliminary steps for moving from a vague idea to a focused, grounded reseacrh process.

Introduction to Anarchism 

Friday 5:30pm, in the UofG library basement, Room 061

“Mutual aid, Community, Solidarity, Direct Action, Anti-Authoritarian, Self-Representation.”

What does all that mean?

Come out and see how anarchist principles are already a part of your life and how when we put these ideas together they can lead to challenging authority on a daily basis.

Enjoy a brief overview and discussion, and meet new people. Hear about how these principles have played out within struggles in our city.

“Resisting authority and social control as it occurs in the world, as well as in our relationships and ourselves.”


DisOrientation Week 2011

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Welcome to the Dis-O Week blog! Here you will find info for events that are happening for DisOrientation Week (September 11th – 16th) and other events that might be of interest. Stay tuned…